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Medical Treatments in India:

Medical treatment in India is one of hottest topic for debate that is engaging attention from many varied people. One thing that can be stated without even an iota of doubt is that India has come a long way from where it was ensconced for a very long time in past.

It was considered to be a very backward country. It was also conceived to be a very poor country as far as proper health care was concerned. As a result good and proper medical treatment in India  was almost inconceivable for people living in other parts of world.

But as nothing remains same or static forever, same is applicable to country of India as well as to its economy and health care sector which runs in a much entwined manner with its economy.

Things have improved in such a radical manner as well at such a rapid rate that that in today’s contemporary times medical treatment in India is considered to be at par with best in world.

Gone are those days when health care in India was equated with roadside quacks. Today those quacks have been replaced in India with gleaming and spic and span hospitals and highly qualified and trained professional doctors, which have given a much needed face lift as well as boost to medical treatment in India.

What can be considered to be truly ironical today is fact that people who once condemned India for its poor health care system are now thronging to India in large numbers to take advantage of excellent and world class medical treatment in India to cure themselves of their various ailments.  

This phenomenon where people from outside India come to India to not only roam about as tourists but as well as to get themselves treated is known as medical tourism.

One main or major reason which has led to spawning of medical tourism is cost differences. Treatments which are exorbitantly and prohibitively expensive in patients’ own country are much cheaper in India.

And when one can avail of high quality medical treatment in India at much lower costs as compared to expenses in their own country it is but natural that those patients will come to India to get themselves treated.

And as India offers excellent spots for sightseeing in addition to quality treatment, it becomes a bonus or added advantage for all those patients who come to this country to get themselves treated.