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Medical Treatment Cost Difference:

Important cost difference subsist between U.K. and India when it comes to medical treatment tourism packages.

Every year innumerable number of alien visitors from different parts of the world visits India for its historical escapade.

Moreover, many a time some of them fall ill as illness knows no place. India is not only cheaper in respect of medical treatment packages but the waiting time is almost zero.

This is due to the explosion of the private sector, which comprises of hospitals and clinics with the up-to-the-minute technology and best practitioners.

Procedure Charges in India & US (US $):
Procedure Cost (US$)
United States India

Bone Marrow Transplant 2,50,000 69,000
Liver Transplant 3,00,000 69,000
Heart Surgery 30,000 8,000
Orthopedic Surgery 20,000 6,000
Cataract Surgery 2,000 1,250

Here is a brief comparison of the cost of few of the Dental care package procedures between USA and India Dental procedure Cost in US ($) Cost in India ($) General Dentist Top End Dentist Top End Dentist

Smile designing 8,000 1,000
Metal Free Bridge 5,500 500
Dental Implants 3,500 800
Porcelain Metal Bridge 1,800 3,000 300
Porcelain Metal Crown 600 1,000 80
Tooth impactions 500 2,000 100
Root canal Treatment 600 1,000 100
Tooth whitening 350 800 110
Tooth colored composite fillings 200 500 25
Tooth cleaning 100 300 75

These costs are a standard and might not have been the real cost to be incurred.

Robert Walter Beeney was not competent to walk due to a stiff hip when he landed in India January 24. Twenty days afterward, he not only improved after a atypical hip substitution surgery at Apollo Hospital here but also visited the famous Tag Mahan in Agra after that. So India is now becoming well known for its medical tourism.

The 64-year-old real estate expert from San Francisco underwent flourishing surface substitution surgery using the anatomic surface replacement (ASR) hip system January 27, purportedly becoming the first US national to come to India for the cure.

A medical team of doctors, headed by orthopaedic surgery treatment specialist Vijay Bose, sustained the procedure for Beeney.

Jayaramchander Pingle, a member of the medical team, told a news seminar that while in the usual hip replacement surgery, the total hip was replaced, in the new system, the patient's unique head and neck of femur were conserved and only their surface is replaced with metal on metal enunciation.

All these depict that India is now emerging as a medical treatment hub also.


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