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Cataract Eye Surgery in India:

Cataract is quite a common eye disease which usually affects the aging population.

In the condition of a cataract, with age, the lens of the eye loses its ability to see and a coating develops over it which makes it difficult for the person with the disorder to see properly.

The disease advances with time and worsens leading to reduction in eyesight. Initially, partial sight is available but with passing time surgery is the only recourse.

The lens of the eye is crystalline and a metabolic change of the fiber of the lens over time leads to the development of cataract and loss of transparency of the lens.

In a cataract surgery the natural lens is surgically removed and an artificial intraocular lens is inserted.

If we wish to talk about cataract eye surgery in India, we must remember that the medical Council of India and the Ministry of Health, Government of India has started a train which moves around through the rural heartland of India operating on patients in villages and rural areas who have been suffering from cataract. In India, especially in the rural areas, modern equipment to conduct cataract eye surgery in India is a dream.

This train has made that dream possible. Many old people who have been affected by cataract have got new lease of life after being operated upon by leading ophthalmologists and famous doctors from all over India.

Many clubs and other voluntary organizations like the Rotary Club and the Lions Club who operate in the realm of healthcare organize camps in different parts of the country to conduct surgery on cataract patients at subsidized rates and thus give them back the vision they have lost.

Cataract eye surgery in India is conducted in these camps and sometimes imported, high quality equipment for surgery is used but sometimes indigenous equipment is used.

Imported equipment makes the surgery more efficient and quicker. In these camps, sometimes imported equipment is used.

Otherwise, imported equipment to conduct cataract eye surgery in India is only available in private hospitals and health clinics. These are sometimes beyond the reach of the common Indian. Cataract eye surgery in India is conducted in government hospitals but it is seen that they use indigenous machines.  Surgery using modern equipment and well qualified doctors is becoming available because of certain non governmental organizations, the initiative of certain organizations operating in the realm of healthcare and sometimes the government to provide quality cataract eye surgery in India at subsidized rates to the poor and the needy.

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