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Joint Replacement in India:

Often it is seen that people fall prey to accidents. They may be careful but accidents happen for a number of reasons. The reasons may be hat the person was not a careful as he was supposed to be.

He may be the victim of carelessness on the part of others. The result of many accidents may be the dislocation of a joint in the body.

The joint may be dislocated, from birth. It may be a congenital deformity. It may also be present in small quantities from birth and aggravate as the patient advances in age.

Sometimes, due to obesity, there is excessive load on the hip and the cartilage wears out.

Proper joint replacement is required at these moments. Joint replacement in India is at a developing stage.

There may be aches and pains or a person may be suffering from a degenerative joint disease or disorder. There may be fractures of the main joints of the body like knee or hip. The friction between the bones in the body is very less. Articular or smooth cartilage covers the moving parts of the bones. The steel alloys that are used are cobalt-chrome-titanium and cement and these are used nowadays. They are biocompatible which means that they the patient’s reaction to the materials are quite rare.

Joint replacement surgeries may be primary and revision surgeries. There are over 200,000 joint replacements done in the USA every year. In India, the numbers are rising.

There are 2 to 3 companies doing joint replacement therapies in India. Developed joint replacement therapy in India is still considered to be expensive.

Government bodies provide joint replacement in India at subsidized rates but the quality much to be desired. Most private organizations charge a lot of money.

To carry out joint replacement in India the following facilities should be in place and provided. There should be well-trained surgeons and staff. The operation theaters should be properly equipped with necessary amenities to carry out orthopedic surgery.

There should be central air conditioning, clean air, and laminar airflow for proper performance of joint replacement in India. There should be a good anesthesia department, a good physiotherapy department, an ICU and a well –quipped blood bank. The majority of the joint replacements in India are imported from the USA or Europe. Dr. C.J. Thakkar’s clinic is a pioneer in the field of joint replacement therapy in India. A developed clinic has facilities like hip resurfacing, total knee replacement, shoulder replacement and unicondylar knee replacement.

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