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Hip Replacement in India:

In recent years, India has become one of the most important healthcare hubs in Southeast Asia. The healthcare industry in India has been expanding at a remarkably rapid rate.

The past few years especially have witnessed a huge expansion in the medical care sector of India.

The healthcare sector of India has also gained a very significant position in the in the international medical tourism map.

The growth of the Indian healthcare sector further accelerated after the developed nations realized that they could get high quality health services and facilities at half the prices than in the west.

Hip replacement in India is one of the most popular surgeries that are performed by experts. Hip replacement in India is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries that are done.

Recent developments in the surgery have made the surgeries much safer and reliable than before. Hip replacement surgeries are basically performed to treat severe and acute arthritis pain. Hip replacement surgery, which is also referred to as arthroplasty is generally undertaken when osteoarthritis leads to the wearing down of the hip joints. Hip replacement in India is renowned to have high rates of success.

Successful hip replacement surgeries can help to improve the mobility of the patient by improving the function hip joint. This also reduces the discomfort of the patient to a large extent.

The major purpose of hip replacement is to remove the two damaged parts of the hip joint, namely the ball or the femoral head and the hip socket or the acetabulum.

The worn out ball and socket is replaced with artificial and smooth implants called the prostheses. The prostheses enable to make the hip strong, flexible and stable again.

Hip replacement in India is a very commonly done surgery and has a high rate of success. Not only is hip replacement in India popular among the domestic residents, but more and more foreign visitors are also coming down to India for undergoing hip replacement surgeries effectively yet at a  relatively cheaper rate.

Hip replacement in India along with other major surgeries has gained immense popularity worldwide, due to its growing credibility as well as due to the relatively lower costs. More and more foreign citizens are coming to India to undergo hip replacement surgeries as the healthcare sector in India ensures high quality health services and facilities at prices half of that of the western countries.

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