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Cosmetic Leg Lengthening in India:

The commonest reason behind shortening of limbs is perhaps the polio disease. That doesn’t necessarily mean that once we become successful in polio eradication, there will be no case of children born with abnormally short limbs.

There are several other reasons such as osteomylitis, birth defects, trauma, and so on. It may sound incredible to one but about 10% of the total human beings on earth suffer from problems of short limbs.

As a result, it is matter of concern and consequently cosmetic ways of lengthening legs in particular is very common and sought after.

In this regard, cosmetic leg lengthening in India is increasingly becoming a popular option with people all round the globe. Let’s find out the reasons behind such an immense popularity of the medical treatments for cosmetic leg lengthening in India.

Though the overall medical and health condition of India hasn’t reached a level where the country can feel proud about it, there has been a series of happenings in the field of medical science for the last few years that has brought about great changes. One can say that there has been an incredible boom in the medical industry in India since the last decade or so. This has also paved way for great medical ways of cosmetic leg lengthening in India.

Two of the premier medical institutes in regard to the cosmetic leg lengthening in India are Centre for Ilizarov Techniques, Akola, and Vardaan Hospital and Medical Research Centre, New Delhi.

Every year an unbelievably high number of people from distant countries come over to places like this to avail the facility of cosmetic leg lengthening in India.

Mr. Milind Chaudhary MS (ortho), an internationally reputed surgeon with the Centre for Ilizarov Techniques was the pioneer in introducing the Ilizarov technique in India.

The Vardaan Hospital and Medical Research Centre is internationally acclaimed for several successful cases of height enhancement and is by far one of the leading centers for cosmetic leg lengthening in India.

Apart from these two, there are several other medical institutes that have earned for them a mark of distinction in terms of cosmetic leg lengthening in India. Most of these places have a great infrastructural facility and are manned with professionals who are highly skilled. The great boom in the medical industry in the country also enables such places to offer their treatment against charges that are much less than what they would cost at any other place in the world. Hence, you should not think twice but head for India. The experience will be all positives. Take it.

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