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Health Care in India:

New millennium, which has just arrived a few years ago, has brought along with it several changes whose impact is already being felt in each and every corner of our world.

There are several important events that have taken place across our globe, out of which some are very abstract in nature. That does not in any manner take away from their importance in global scenario.

One such event or happening is rediscovery of India by people from other countries. And one particular sector of India or Indian economy which has been benefited most by this rediscovery of India is health care in India.

Health care in India is now touching new summits. In past times India was clubbed with other Oriental countries such as China and so on. It, that is India, was seen as a land of mysticism and spirituality was only reason was only reason why people went there.

A classic example of people traveling to India for spiritual health is that of Beatles. Otherwise India was seen as a very backward country and it was thought that it was a storehouse of various tropical diseases. Proper health care in India was thought to be virtually non existent. But with health care in India improving at a very rapid or fast rate this outdated views regarding this country is also changing at a very rapid and steady rate.

India, with its improving infrastructure and living conditions, is becoming another favorite for tourists after places in South East Asia such as Sumatra and Bali. And as health care in India is now much improved, it has given rise to a new phenomenon known as medical tourism.

Medical tourism, as its name suggests, is about tourists who come to India with a specific goal, that of getting themselves for and cured from some particular ailment.

Main reason behind people coming to India to get themselves treated is not because health care in India is superior to that of their own country.

To the contrary they come to India because treatment, of any type or sort, in India is much cheaper when it is compared to costs that results in countries in Europe and America.

Also better care is taken here and there are better opportunities for recovery or recuperation after their treatment is completed. And it is as a result of all these reasons that India is now one of leading countries in whole world as far as quality health care is concerned.

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