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India Healthcare Services:

Health and health care has for a long time remained to be one of the most important issues of concern fro all the developing economies in the world.

Not that the developed economies like the US or the European countries are not at all worried over this particular aspect.

But it gets all the more grave and serious as we move to the developing economies, the so called third world countries. And India is no exception to this. Consequently India healthcare services are some thing that gets rather high degree of importance on the national level.

Though India has today turned out to be one of the major players in the world in relation to the global economy, the general health condition of the average Indian is not at all up to the mark.

The picture is more or less same even today though several initiatives are being taken in relation to the India healthcare services. India gained independence in the year 1947. Within a short period of time, there had been several governmental as well as non governmental steps in regards the India healthcare services. From the early half of the 1950s up till the mid 1980s, a good amount of personnel have been recruited in to the India healthcare services.

But that has not been enough to see a considerable change in the general health condition of the country on a whole. But this does not necessarily mean that the India healthcare services have been failures.

Only that the rate of population growth in the country during this period of a little more than three decades has been just too high. As a result, all the initiatives on part of the India healthcare services have remained to be inadequate.

The scenario did to change much up till the early half of the 1990s as well. According to a reliable statistics, in 1991 there were not more than 10 beds in the hospitals per 10,000 people in the country. That does not give us any bright picture of the India healthcare services. But, one thing has been done in terms of the India healthcare services, for which the government and the department of health has to be applauded.

It is the provision of the primary health centers. This has been a great boon in rural India where majority of the Indians reside. Also, with the turn of the century, new plans have been put to implementation that is seeing good improvement in the India healthcare services. We can hope that within a decade or so, the largest democracy in the world will also turn out to be the premier one in terms of health and healthcare.

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